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People that work in the medical field spend most of their work day wearing scrubs. If you work in this field, then this means that you will want to put thought into something that will be huge part of your everyday life. There are some tips that can help you make a choice that you are happy with. First, you need to decide what your budget is for purchasing scrubs. This will determine what kind of brands and sales you need to look at. You may have to spend more money up front to get higher quality, but it will be worth it in then end. High quality scrubs will be more comfortable, hold their color longer, and not wear out as quickly.  Here's a good read about lab coats, check it out! 



Next, you need to decide what kind of style of scrub fits your personality. There are the basic style scrubs or more trendy versions. Deciding which type of scrubs you want to wear will determine what brands and other styles are available to you. If you are a relaxed person who doesn't care much about style and fashion at work, then the basic scrub is probably for you. If you like to feel in style all the time, then you are going to want a trendier style. You may find you like some style that is unexpected. Try on a lot of styles and maybe buy a couple different styles to try out for a day.  To gather more awesome ideas on mens scrubs from figs, click here to  get started. 



Different people also prefer different neck cuts on their scrubs. Some employers may prefer one cut over the others, but most don't have a preference that you need to worry about. You should try on scrubs that are mock wraps, square neck, v-neck, and round neck. Some people also like to get a couple different styles so they don't feel like they have to wear the exact same thing every single day. The types of pockets that you want on your scrubs is something you will have to think about as well. This will differ depending on what your needs are. There are chest pockets and patch pockets. Some people like having both, or at least one, to increase their storage. Some people like having less places to put things they don't really need to be carrying around. 



You will also need to decide if you want white scrubs or colored scrubs. This again will depend on whether your employer has a dress code or not. If not then here are some thoughts on white versus colored scrubs. White is associated with medical professionals and is cleaner looking. It also attracts more stains and is harder to keep clean. Colors are good for adding variety to your wardrobe and tend to last longer. Especially black, navy, brown, and maroon will hold their colors and prevent stains longer. 



The length of scrub tops is also something you will need to decide about. If you are short, then shorter tops will make you look taller and longer tops will make you look shorter. If you are heavier on the bottom half of your body, longer tops will elongate your body and be more flattering. Your body type will also determine if you move more comfortably in fitted or loose scrubs.